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Watch the Reactions of him, Snake Attacks Zookeeper In The Face In Shocking Video!!

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A video clip of a giant snake attacking a zookeeper during an Instagram live session has gone viral on social media. The live session took place on Instagram Live, where Jay Brewer, founder of Reptile Zoo in California, which is popular on social media and regularly shares snake videos on his feed, shared the footage on his account. A video of Jay Brewer – the founding father of reptile zoos – went viral after an online exhibit in which he defended himself after a snake tried to attack him.
Jay Brewer was shocked when a python attacked him in a video he shared on his Instagram account. Jay Brewer, the founder of the reptile zoo, shares exciting films about animals and reptiles on his Instagram pages and websites. But he was having a close call when a giant reptile lunged at him and took his face off.

When the film went viral on social media, Brewer saw the python attack and dodged it. Surprisingly, Brewer brushed off the attack as if it wasn’t a big deal.

A zookeeper in California had made an emergency call after a giant snake lunged at him and bit his face. The video posted to Jay Preston’s Instagram shows Brewer standing next to a snake guarding her eggs. When he reached out to pick up the eggs, the snake attacked him in his right face.

Earlier this week, a video revealed how a five-foot python caused a massive traffic jam on a Mumbai highway after it was found on Monday on the Eastern Express Highway. But the recent snake video has elicited even more shocking reactions, which are a bit hard to understand. Jay Brewer, who runs a reptile zoo, posted a video on his Instagram account of a call in which a giant snake hurled at him and nearly bit off his face.
Dealing with snakes is a scary-looking, life-threatening job for reptiles. The puffer snake is one of the strongest and largest snakes ever, and it can release large amounts of venom, as you can see in the video below.

Even the most experienced snake guides have close ties, like this Jay Brewer video shows. Snake catchers and rescuers are experts in handling reptiles, but they can also experience frightening moments. Jay Brewer, who works at the California Zoo’s reptile zoo, has years of experience handling snakes.

He described the incident as one of the worst attacks he had seen in a long time. I was reading a National Geographic article about the extreme changes in our environment in a distant place.
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September is a kind of carnival when it comes to viral snake videos. This latest video, shared on his Instagram account, is sure to send a shiver down your spine. A video of a man going viral on the internet shows him fighting back after a snake tried to attack him.

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