Partially eyes restored in a blind man with gene therapy!

Scientists with their keen research were successful in restoring the eyes of a 58 years old blind man. The eyes were not restored fully but the efforts were successful in restoring eyes partially.

This 58 years old person had a rare genetic disease known as retinitis pigmentosa. The treatment was done using optogenetics biology. This man‘s eyes were was injected with genetically modified viruses.

Now their person will be able to see small objects like a matchbox, glasses by wearing a specialized pair of glasses.

This amazing discovery which is beneficial to mankind was published in the journal Nature Medicine. This procedure comes under optogenetics which is a branch of biology. In this, the lights are used to control the nerve cells.

From the University of Melbourne, a stem cell biologist said the results are quite amazing and a great treatment for the eyes was discovered.
This method has enormous medical benefits but the drawback is it is only done on one person till now and it can be considered as a part of ongoing clinical trials. This will give an idea of how people cope up with gene therapy and if there are any Adverse effects or not.

Continuing with these trials could help blind people to at least handle themselves every day. This optogenetics is re-engineering the eye cells more sensitive to light.

This disease affects 1 in 4000 people. This may be due to genetic mutations which make the rods and cons cells lose their functions making the person go completely blind. Either the patient will have tunnel vision or completely lose their vision.

From Monash University, a Biomedical Engineer said that Optogenetics is the process of introducing genes to the non light sensitive cells and make them light-sensitive cells.

Hence, it can be concluded that light is one of the vital parts of all living beings to make them compatible to see the colorful world.