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What is the reality show 90 day fiancé is about?

“90 Day Fiancé” is a TLC reality TV show. It follows couples who have applied for or secured a K-1 visa. However, this is only open to international fiancés of American citizens, and thus have 90 days to marry. The show premiered on January 12, 2014. Moreover, it has been renewed for a ninth season, which will air on December 6, 2020. 

Couples who met online but have not yet begun the K-1 visa process are next, followed by 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, a dedicated series to couples. Here, the American partner moves to their partner’s home country permanently instead of vice versa.

What’s the premise of the series?

The plot of the show is based on the K-1 visa application procedure. Apparently, the visa allows the international fiancé to visit the United States and reside with his or her American future partner. Subsequently, the K-1 Visa is intended to give the couple time to prepare and conduct a wedding ceremony. As part of the visa application process, each couple signed contracts promising to marry.

On the other hand, the beneficiary must leave the country if the couple does not marry within 90 days. Language barriers, culture shock, the stigma of becoming a “mail-order bride,” as well as disapproval from friends and family, can be encountered by the couple.

What does the prequel tell?

The prequel to TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé,” will follow the same format. Certainly, it’ll tell the story of how the couples met. From the first face-to-face encounter to a trip to a foreign country, there would-be spouses’ stories reveal secrets, traverse cultural differences. Finally, they eventually decide whether online dating will lead to true love. 

In addition, to find the person they believe is their soulmate, the participants face a variety of obstacles. Those include 20-year age differences, language barriers, and perilous boat trips down the Amazon River.

Above all, the pair from Season 3 of Before the 90 Days is still together. They got married in April 2020 after Zied’s K-1 visa was accepted. The couple currently reside in Georgia. Moreover, they are filming “90 Day Fiancé” season 8 to record the 90 days leading up to their wedding. 

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