Toxic DDT Barrels dumped in Ocean!

Marine researchers in Pacific Ocean have unearthed around 25,000 barrels containing 300-700 tons of toxic DDT which suspected to be dumped in the ocean during World War II.

Underwater Roombas were used by scientists of California University’s San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Roombas are the under water drone with sonar technology. This Roombas is used to analyze the 36,000 acres of the sea bed.

The sea bed which is being analyzed lies between the  coast of Los Angeles and Catalina Island. The coast of Los Angeles is already known for containing toxic DDT in its ecosystem.

Scientists took images of 27,345 barrel like objects containing the pesticides. It was just 3000 feet below the water surface.

It was found the Southern California industries used the ocean as the dumping site till the Ocean Dumping act went into effect. Logs were also found which were dated back through the century and it showed that dumping was done on ocean till the year 1872.

“Staggering” was the word given by the Director of Marine Physical Laboratory at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, to the finding of the DDT Barrels.

He also said that many research and testing has to be done to see that how Toxic DDT have affected the marine life and surrounding ecosystem.

In 2015, few researches were done in which it was found that in the fat of bottlenose dolphins there were the presence of DDT and few other chemicals.

The scientists said that it shows how DDT have affected and impacted on Marine Mammal’s health and also DDT has put a impact on humans multi generation.

In 1940’s the man made pesticides were used to save everyone from malaria, typhus and other vector borne diseases. It was also used to save the US crops from the insects. Later, many books were published concerning to reduce the use of DDT. In 1972 Environmental Protection Agency asked to stop the use of DDT.

DDT has proved to be harmful to humans and when exposed at higher concentration it might cause cancers and tumors.

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