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Sundar Pichai, Google’s parent Alphabet CEO, announced that the company would have significant product announcements and update at the upcoming Google I/O 2021 event next month. He said that the companies product releases are returning to regular cadence. He is excited that the developer event is back this year. This event is all virtual and accessible for everyone. Due to Covid, the event was canceled by the company last year. This year the show will start on May 18 and continue till May 20.

Google showcases software updates and new product development around Google search and more. The 45-minute call discussed Google’s significant year-over-year growth as YouTube Shorts views being up over 100%, and ad spending leveled out and returned to normal.

The event also comprises technical sessions, interactive sandboxes, and developer keynotes. 1st look at the Android 12, Google Search features, and more can be expected in the event. The company also has some hardware in the pipeline. Sundar also announced the development regarding the Google I/O during the Alphabet Q1 2021 Earning calls. The Q1 earnings were declared on April 27. He also spoke that Alphabet would provide aid to Indian bodies to tackle the Covid crisis.

Between January to March 2021, the companies latest earning reports show a growth of 34% as compared to the same quarter last year. $55.3 billion its revenue stood at that is close to $56.9 billion in the previous quarter. “Over the last year, people have turned to Google Search and many online services to stay informed, connected, and entertained. We’ve continued our focus on delivering trusted services to help people around the world. Our Cloud services are helping businesses, big and small, accelerate their digital transformations,” Pichai said in the Q1 2021 results. YouTube’s ad revenue up at $6 billion versus $4.03 billion a year ago, and Cloud Service also earned a revenue of $4.05 million versus $2.78 billion last year.

It is not apparent until now what product updates and announcements Sundar was hinting at, which would be too early to guess.

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