Super Pink Moon at the Bay!

This Monday, while looking up at the sky everyone will be able to see  a full moon being quite larger and brighter than usual because April’s Full moon is said to be the Super Pink Moon. Super Moon will be Earth’s natural satellite 222,211.7 miles away.

A moon becomes a super moon when the closest point of moon from Earth becomes less than 224,000 miles. Hence, the moon looks about 30% brighter and 14% bigger than usual. Generally also the distance of moon keeps fluctuating every month. The closest point of moon’s elliptical orbit keeps changing between 221,500 and 230,000 miles.

This April’s full moon is named after a wild flower Phlox subulata. This flower is also known as Pink Moss. Although this April Month’s moon  is called “Super Pink Moon” but it will not be seen in pink color rather the moon will be seen brighter and bigger. Also, each Lunar Month’s full moon is named differently during calendar year.

The moon can be easily visualized at East just after the sunset from any location of San Francisco Bay area. At 7.44 pm the Moon will rise above the horizon and with in an hour  around 8.33 pm the moon will be visualized as the brightest and biggest object.

Other prime locations from where the moon can be clearly visualized are Treasure Island, Marin Headlands, Crissy Field. From here photographers can get a clear picture of the brightest and biggest moon.

Above the horizon the moon will be visualized with orange hue and later rising up above the sky, the moon will be whiter and brighter.

Now, the next month’s super moon will be named as the flower moon and it will be nearly 100 miles closer to the Earth on 26th May. Moreover, total lunar eclipse will be starting few hours just before the sun rise. It can also be visualized from San Francisco Bay area and Western United States.

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