Otters test Positive for COVID 19!

Asian Small Clawed Otters were tested Positive of the Pandemic causing COVID 19 strains of Corona virus. This was reported on Sunday as announced by the Georgia Aquarium.

The reason behind the otters getting infected with the COVID 19 is still a mystery as per the officials which they said during a news release. But the Asian Small clawed otters are showing the improving symptoms and are expected to be fully recovered soon said the officials.

Furthermore, the vice president of animal and environmental health at Georgia Aquarium stated that their Asian Small clawed otters are closely looked after by the animal health care members and the veterinarians in a Press meet.

He further added that they are showing only mild symptoms and are expected to be soon fully recovered. Also, they have been provided with sufficient medical care so that they can eat sleep and take rest.

The animals are now kept at the Behind – the – scenes and are moved off the exhibit. The otters are tested on the basis pf the clinical symptoms that they are showing. It is suspected that they might have acquired the COVID 19 infection from one of the asymptomatic worker of the Aquarium.

It was also published in a press meet the spread of COVID 19 virus from animal to human is extremely rare. The authorities also said that the otters have no real contact with the visitors and are always kept behind the acrylic cages with zero human contact.

Similarly, the otters will be kept under the observation even after they are tested negative for the COVID 19 infection and will further will be decided when to send them back to the exhibit.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states the SARS CoV 2 virus does not easily spread to Animals from Humans and vice verse. Also, the impact of this virus post infection in this specie is still unkown.

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