Hot lemon water before bed!

Hot lemon water

In a 2015 paper for health benefits, scientists described citrus fruits, specifically lemons, as a “treasure trove.” As per them, lemons have antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory swagger, and dopeness that may reduce the risk of cancer, which may help protect your nervous systems, brain, and heart. For good measure, citrus fruits, like lemon, have an organic compound like alkaloids and flavonoids, offering sublime wellness bonuses.

To help to tackle painfully kidney stone, lemon water is helpful that form from mineral buildup. From calcium oxalate, typical kidney stones form, and doctors treat them with citrate. The citrate level can be increased in pee with the help of lemons, which helps the body counter kidney stones.

Lemon water can be beneficial no matter the time of the day. But when it is taken before going to bed, it can give extra benefits because they act on a body in rest and therefore not compete for airtime in your system. Lemons are one of the best sources of Vitamin C, which helps to support the immune system and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Having hot lemon water before bed will help release the tension, healthier skin and hair, and a turbo-powered immune system.

While taking hot lemon water at night has health benefits, but it can have disadvantages too. In the 2020 study, researchers discovered just how acidic lemons are. It contains five types of acid. Tooth enamel can harm be harmed by the level of acids in lemons. If anyone is drinking lemon juice at night, then brushing the teeth is essential because it enamels from harmful. If anyone is prone to heartburn and indigestion, then lemon juice should not be taken at night instead taken in the morning. Drinking lemon juice at night can wake up a person in the middle of the night for a pee. 

The best time to drink lemon water –

  • In the day, either 30 minutes after a meal or before a meal. 
  • Just before getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Before a workout or bath. 
  • Just before going to sleep.




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