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Google Chrome 90 new feature!

Chrome 90

Google is coming with a new feature in Chrome 90 that will allow users to generate a link to a part of a website that they’ve highlighted. Last year, it was 1st launched as a browser extension called Link to Text Fragment; within Chrome itself, Google has added the feature. The new feature is still rolling out to the users.

According to Google product manager, the feature works as “just the browser extension did. Visit the web page, then highlight the text in which the link has to be created right-click, and select copy link to highlight. A URL ending in a pound sign (#) is generated, which can then be shared with others. The person with whom the link is shared when they open the link will see the specific highlighted section, not the beginning of the page.”

For example, someone reads a good article on something, and in that article, one paragraph is exciting, and that person wants to share it with a friend, then this feature can be used. This feature could be helpful to colleagues working together and students or any other person who likes sending good stuff to others.

As per the company, the copy link to highlight for some users is already available on desktop and Android devices, and the feature is soon coming to iOS. Apart from this feature, Chrome 90 also gets new PDF features such as an updated toolbar, document properties, and a two-page view. There is also a new feature that allows Chrome to mute all notifications when presenting or sharing Chrome windows and minimize distraction while sharing.

In February, Google also rolled out a new update that is for switching tab has a new interface and to help organize open web pages for the Android a new tab grouping feature. Chrome’s new grid layout replaces the vertically arranged list of cards that almost took the entire screen. Each tab is now significantly smaller.


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