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DuckDuckGo warns Chrome users about Google’s new tracking method!

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Not only Apple, but now DuckDuckGo also has a problem with Google’s new tracking system. Browsing platform DuckDuckGo has warned Chrome users about Google’s new tracking method. Google has recently announced Federated Learning of Cohorts, the latest tracking system which will be a more privacy-focused way to track users and provide them ads.

According to the company, this new tracking method is targeted at forming a group based on people’s demographics and interests that can be easily fetched from browsing history. This allows the company to target creepy and unwanted advertising along with content without third-party cookies.

The post also mentioned that Google tried this new tracking for a short period and didn’t want it to make a user choice. Millions of users are automatically included in the scheme, which is terrible for privacy. The browsing history puts users in a group, and any website can get that group FLoC ID to target and fingerprint users.

More details about the DuckDuckGo claim-

To help the users come out of the scheme, DuckDuckGo asks users not to use Google Chrome. As per the company’s claims, only Google is using such a tracking system and no other browser is using it. Other browsers have no intention of implementing such a tracking system. Many other browsers are free to download, so the company is asking to use Google alternative. For iOS or Android users, their own mobile browser should be used because while browsing and searching, they have a privacy policy by default. As per the company, the users should block FLoC’s tracking to protect their privacy.

The company also requested the users not to sync their history data with Chrome. The users can visit Google Activity Controls to disable Web & App Activity or Include Chrome activity and history from apps, sites, and devices that use Google services. In the Google Ad setting, users can also disable Ad Personalization.

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