Drinking lot of coffee can make you live longer!

Coffee is one of those drinks that everybody prefers. But the coffee is good for you or bad for you depends on the person you ask about.

Recently many studies are going on coffee consumption. Scientists are finding beneficial effects of coffee on body.

Earlier a study was done in which it showed positive effects of coffee on body. Recent studies are showing that increased intake of coffee can extend the life span of human beings.

The recent research could potentially tell that what amount of coffee should be taken per day to increase the life expectancy than the people who do not drink coffee.

Researchers from Korea Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with Chung-Ang University explained the benefits of consuming coffee daily.

A paper was published in Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s journal in which it was written that increased consumption of coffee can decrease the risk of mortality.

Researchers say that having around three or more cups of coffee a day is considered to be healthy. The type of coffee that needs to be take is not specific. Any coffee would do.

It was seen that those who consumed more amount of coffee had no issues related to cardiovascular system as compared to that of non coffee drinkers.

Also it was seen that regular coffee drinkers are reduced risk if heart diseases as well.

Around 173,209 participants took place in to this study aging from 40 or older. This study was conducted from the year 2004 to 2013. Patients with co morbidity were excluded.

Every details including time of consumption of coffee, type of coffee, quantity of coffee were noted.

The results revealed that those who consumed coffee more than 3 cups had 15 % less chances if pre mature death.

Not only premature deaths but other risk factors also reduced along with pre mature death. So scientists advice to take up to 400 milligrams to have a healthy life style.

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