COVID Inflammatory syndromes are different in adults!

According to a small study done in JAMA Network Open, it was seen that post COVID multi-system inflammatory syndrome is different in children than too in comparison with adults. It may lead to the underrecognition of the disease.

This research was conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It was a retrospective study. In this, 15 people were selected aging from 21 and above. These people met the criteria from multi-system inflammatory syndrome as adults.

Moreover, these people were admitted to the hospital for 14 to 84 days after they turned to be COVID positive after testing. Those people have also included whose antibody count indicated the possible contraction of the virus.

Main Organs affected;

A comparison between these 15 patients with the multi-system inflammatory syndrome was made with other 683 patients who had acute covid infection without the multi-system inflammatory syndrome. It was seen that those who had multi-system inflammatory syndrome were mostly younger in age than those who had acute COVID Infection.

With serological tests, the presence of antibodies in patients with multi system inflammatory syndrome indicated that they had already had the infection before. And other illnesses were quite similar in both groups.

In the patients with the multi-system inflammatory syndrome, almost 60 % had the symptoms of COVID, and 20 % admitted to the hospital. The Median between both groups was of 23 days.

It was seen that mainly four organs were affected in the patients of the multi-system inflammatory syndrome. Out of 4, mainly involved organs were gastrointestinal, hematologic, and kidney systems.

Underdiagnosed symptoms:

It was seen that patients with the multi-system inflammatory syndrome in their research had more organ engagement and fewer clinical manifestations than those recorded in a US and UK report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

This study revealed that people have the multi-system inflammatory syndrome and within the age of 21 or above-required hospitalization, COVID positive test is done previously or during administration into hospital, severe effects in non-lung involving organ system, also testing indicating severe inflammation with the absence of severe respiratory diseases.


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