COVID After Vaccination?

Vaccines have proved to be a miracle to this ongoing pandemic. Scientists have put a lot of hard work to create these vaccines as soon as the pandemic started. It can be said that COVID vaccines are one of the vaccines which were created in a very short period of time.

Since the administration of the vaccination started, the positive cases are getting lower in US. And experts are happy that they have three different vaccines that are equally effective.

It might sound scary but there are still chances of catching COVID even after getting fully vaccinated. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no vaccine is 100 % effective against any disease. Breakthrough cases happen but are rare.

Breakthrough Cases:

In the clinical trails the efficacy of Moderna, pfizer and Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine were 94.5 %, 95 % and 66 % respectively. Almost 95 million people of U.S. are fully vaccinated till now and breakthrough cases were somewhat 9000.

Officials say that there is no surprise about the breakthrough cases. In comparison to no of people vaccinated, the breakthrough cases are very less. Also, the experts are not sure whether the breakthrough cases are due to the old strains or the new mutant strains.

But less Severe Breakthrough cases:

The experts say that the re infections do not cause any serious harm to the individuals who are fully vaccinated. So one does not need to fear about the breakthrough cases.

Almost 27 % of breakthrough cases were reported till now and most of them were asymptomatic and the deaths were also not fully realted to the COVID.

The Pattern of Re infection:

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 % of breakthrough cases occurs in women because women’s immune system responds different towards the vaccines as compared to that of men’s.

And almost 40% of the people getting re infection fall in the age group of 60 and above. But it is still not clear that how many others are in the risk of getting the breakthrough infection.

Post Vaccination Care:

One should follow all the precautions even after getting fully vaccinated. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it is okay to go on small gatherings, or roam outside.

Also, experts say that getting breakthrough infections does not mean that the vaccines have failed and breakthrough infections are quite normal.

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