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Check out the latest updates of The Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

The Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has arrived with the courtesy of the free 1.12 update from Tsushima Ghost. Certainly, this has turned out terribly sweet. We were fairly expectant for this cooperative excursion. But, we were nevertheless blown away by efforts by Sucker Punch. This is not a casual multi-player mode — like we saw in PS3 days bolted on all. Legends has enough consistency and contents to release independently. Indeed, we’d not have challenged Sony easily put on a price tag — that’s how good it is.

What are the different modes and levels?

Legends provides two different modes. Both of them are completely separated from the main camp for a single player. It’s quick to access the main menu or a break menu or talk to an ominous old storyteller on Jin’s adventure. This is the difficult aspect about tearing yourself apart.

There are three difficulty levels in Legends: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Moreover, you can play another game as long as you hit Gold that that you’ve played for the last ten hours. As the challenge rises, the organized teamwork becomes increasingly essential. As a result, each player benefits entirely from the strengths of his or her character.

Again, your mettle is tested using two modes. The first thing is history, which enables two players to work together on a set of objective tasks guided by history. As you advance, the reach and difficulty of these missions broaden. For instance, some puzzle-like elements are available to keep you on your toes. Although you can pair with strangers for stories, these tasks are clearly built for teamwork. Assessing two objectives simultaneously feels awesome. Moreover, standing behind with a pal can be thrilling because the Mongolian zombies charge you from all sides.

How to play?

All characters have full sword combos, firearms, blocking abilities, sprinting, sneaks etc. The only real difference is that you should combine with your mates, helping each other as a cohesive team with unique class-based movements.

Survivors see up to four players on the map, defending strategic points against hordes of Mongol’s dangerous demons known as oni. Awareness of the enemy types and careful play are needed to succeed in Survival. Downed ally will snowball into two or three easily, because your team is overwhelmed by pure numbers.

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