Members of the right wing attack seemingly safe GOP incumbents


U.S. Republican Senator James Lankford seems to have all the Conservative Party qualifications he needs to run for re-election in Oklahoma.

As a devout Baptist, Lankford has been the leader of the country’s largest Christian youth camp for more than ten years. He often publicly opposes abortion and what he calls excessive government spending. His voting record in the Senate is consistent with the position of former President Donald Trump almost 90% of the time.

But like several other seemingly confident Republican incumbents, Lankford did not even attract opponents in the 2016 primaries and was heavily attacked by challengers in his own party. The opponent is a 29-year-old evangelical minister and political newcomer. He managed to attract more than 2,000 people to a “Freedom Rally” led by former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Lankford was accused of not being conservative enough.

Similar scenarios are playing out in other red states, where far-right opponents are taking advantage of Republicans’ anger over Trump’s election defeat and the coronavirus-related lockdown. Some headlines suddenly tried their best to defend their right-wing, stirred up their own words on social media, and seized every opportunity to lash out at President Joe Biden.

In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, facing a controversial re-election primary next year, is pushing for looser gun laws than ever and proposing unprecedented national action, including a promise to build More border walls. Mexico.

Some conservative headlines are the obvious targets of challenges from the right, especially U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, who voted to impeach Trump. The crime of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was to refuse to prevent Georgia’s electoral vote from being awarded to Biden.

But as the 2022 election cycle approaches, even those who have supported Trump in countless controversies will face strong opposition. Abbott of Texas responded to Trump’s partisan stance and has deposited $55 million in campaign funds, more than any current governor in history.

But it caused a challenge from Alan West, who only recently served as chairman of the Texas Republican Party. West, a Tea Party activist and former Florida congressman criticized Abbott’s leadership after the Democrats moved to Washington to temporarily thwart the Republican voting bill. It can attract crowds. Last year, West launched a noisy rally outside the governor’s residence, demanding an end to the coronavirus lockdown.

In fact, winning the primaries may be more than hoped by many promising people, including West. But they can successfully push the party to turn further to the right while improving their image as a public figure.

Republican officials have faced challenges from the right in the past, but this time  “Trump’s put a different name and spin to it” said Pat McFellen, a Republican strategist and polling expert in Oklahoma.

In Arkansas, two-term U.S. Republican Senator John Boozman attracted several Republican challengers, including a shooting range owner who attracted national attention for banning Muslims. The other is a former Arkansas Razorbacks football player. His campaign start advertisement showed him using an assault rifle and complained that the Democrats in Washington were “taken over by radical socialists.”

Opponents of Boothman criticized him for proving the results of the presidential election. It can also cause a fire because it is very personable during such a busy time. Although he has always focused on agriculture and veterans services in the state, he now frequently mentions Trump in campaign emails and even provides tickets for Trump rallies.

Republican officials in Idaho are usually considered the far right in the country, but they are also under pressure. Anti-government activist Amon Bundy has announced plans to challenge the current Republican Governor Brad Little in 2022. The Bundy People’s Rights Organization has been one of the organizations that organized burning masks rallies to protest coronavirus restrictions.