This actress called Thalapathy Vijay as Uncle, fans are furious

Hima Bindhu Thalapathy Vijay

Thalapathy Vijay is a Super Star in Tamil cinema. His fan base and the love the fans have for him is indescribable. An actress has created a stir on the internet by calling Thalapathy Vijay as Thalapathy Uncle. It must be noted that Vijay’s fans are his fanathics and any disrespect to him wont be tolerated by them.

An old photo of Thalapathy was released a few days ago. In it Vijay had a baby girl in his arms. That girl sis ‘Idayathai Thirudaadhey’ serial actress Hima Bindu. She is playing the lead role in the serial ‘Idhayathai Thriudaadhey’ which is being aired on Colors Tamil TV.

Hima Bindu talks about this photo while giving an interview recently. In it, she said, “I used to call Thalapathy Vijay as uncle when I was young, and now still he’s my uncle.”

When Vijay fans heard this, they asked Hima why is she calling Vijay as Uncle, is he that old? Thus, the fans of the Thalapathi have been scolding Hima on social media. It must be noted that though Thalapathy Vijay is 46 years old but his fans always think that he is 25 years old.

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