Shutting down it’s another app; Says Google!

Companies like Google are not much famous for shutting down their apps but the Search Giant has found it’s next app to be sunset.

Hence, one of the least favorite aspects about Google is that it is adamant about throwing all but its most promising projects out to rest.

Similarly, a week before only Google has announced to remove its Wifi app which is scheduled in the month of June.

Now the Google is preparing to shut down few more apps. Search Giant has now targeted Google Shopping app and hence, Google is planning to sunset this app in coming next few weeks.

According to few resources, a new code was found in the application which forced Google to shutdown its Google Shopping app.

In the most recent change to Google Shopping, some new error notices have been incorporated, diverting users to “Shop on the internet” after the revamping cycle has started.

Although the app is still working on smartphones, but Google company has decided to completely shut down this app by coming month of June.

But not to be worried, the app might sunset  soon but it will be available in the Web where users can decide what to buy next. All the features will be intact that were used to be in the app itself.

All you need to do is use your browser to explore this app rather than using the dedicated application.

Anyhow this Google Shopping app managed to gather about 1 million downloads in Play store throughout it’s existence in the Play Store. Although, the download counts are way far lesser than the similar apps of the google.

More app with are expected to be developed in future so that one can directly browse that app in the browser rather than dedicating a whole software for a particular app.

You can get this application from the Play Store before it gets completely sunset or you can also download the APK Version of this app from any other site.


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