Sex Education 3 confirmed for 2021!

Sex Education

Sex Education has been a significant success for Netflix since the British series debuted back in 2019. The series follows the protagonist Otis a high schooler whose mom is a sex therapist. He is a bit awkward and dorky but soon becomes popular when he starts giving love and sex advice to his friends. Season 2 proves to be more complicated for him as he comes to terms with his feelings for Maeve, and with his best friend, Eric has a few ups and downs.

The characters in the series are so fun, complex, and relatable, and once someone starts watching it sure to become obsessed with it. Sex Education 3 was announced on February 10, 2020, and now as per updates, it is coming soon. Netflix does not yet reveal the exact release date. The only information available is that it will release in 2021. As per sources filming for the third season has recently finished.

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Otis finally gets the courage to tell Maeve how he feels about her and when he goes to her home, she is not there. Before leaving, he tells her neighbor to ask her to check her voicemail. He leaves an adorable voice message for her, but her neighbor deletes the message from her phone. By this, the audience can expect another love triangle for Otis and Maeve. Sex Education 2 ended dramatically and excitingly for Otis and Maeve, so now the audience is excited to find out what’s next between the two.

In season 2, the news of Jean Milburn’s pregnancy was shown. The audience was eagerly waiting to see the reaction of Jean whether she will keep the baby or abort it. The decision is crucial to Otis and Jakob too. An anticipated time gap is there. Unlike the two seasons, this season will be different and unique. As per speculations, finally, the audience finds the answer to how and why Otis opened a sex clinic in the school in the first place.

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