Rebel Wilson explores an abandoned zoo and shows off her weight loss

Australian actress Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, 40, took an offbeat path during a hike in Los Angeles. On 19th October, the star of “Isn’t It Romantic” ventured into the Old Los Angeles Zoo. This abandoned zoo, which was active between 1912-1966, is now a historical landmark.


After being abandoned, the zoo has been converted into a park and a hiking trail. However, one can still see the cages and the animal enclosures that are still intact. The surroundings are kind of eerie and many people go there for photoshoots.


In her Instagram profile, Rebel posted a photo of her standing in front of a stone cave. She was wearing a navy-blue colored Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt paired with stell colored spandex pants. Additionally, Rebel had a holographic visor cum face shield to protect herself against the coronavirus and UV rays.


In another video of hers, Rebel used the same visor to cover her face during the introduction of “The Strip”, a famous song from “Gypsy” the 1959 Broadway production. Rebel also posed inside one of the cages in the abandoned zoo and shared the picture on Instagram.


In the month of May, Wilson revealed her goal to reach a weight of 165 pounds. She also talked about getting one of her movies into production by the end of 2020.  

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