Disney CEO is optimistic about Black Window’s flexible release plan!


Disney CEO Bob Chapek is optimistic about Black Window’s flexible release plan. It takes place between Avengers Civil War and Infinity Wars. In the movie, Natasha Romanoff has to face her past when a conspiracy threatens her spy career. The movie was supposed to release in May 2020, but because of Covid dates, were pushed to November 2020. But as the November date approached, the theaters were still close, and the dates were pushed back to May 2021 and eventually to July 9, 2021 release date.

For the live-action remake of Mulan, Disney first devised its flexible release plan. In March 2020, the movie was supposed to release then was pushed to be a summer in 2020. When it became clear that theaters will not reopen soon, a plan was devised by Disney that allowed audiences who had access to theaters to see in theaters and without leaving those who didn’t have access out. The audience who paid an extra $30 on top of their Disney+ subscription could see the movie. The same plan was implemented by Disney for Raya and the Last Dragon and now for Black Widow.

Disney’s CEO has spoken about the positives of Disney’s latest model for release films during Covid as per a report from Deadline. Even though two-thirds of North American movie theaters are open, the CEO is confident that releasing the movie both in Disney+ as a Premier Access feature and theaters is a strong course of action. According to the CEO, “celebrating that flexibility by trying to offer consumers more choice.” The CEO has noticed that hesitancy is still there about returning to theaters during this Covid period, so this is the best method to reach out to more audiences.

As per as box office sales are concerned, the CEO isn’t confident that the US will bring in high profits. To make up for North America box office sales, the only hope is on the international sales. Many critics have approached Disney+ saying charging $30 for a movie and also paying the subscription price for Disney+ is not justified.