COVID-19: Rising Cases of White Fungus in India.

Not only the black fungus but now White fungus is also affecting the situation of India. Earlier, some patients recovering from COVID had to go through the infection of black fungus. Now, the white fungal infections are also putting the burden on health care workers as well on patients.

The Health Ministry of India is asking the pharmaceutical industries to increase the production of anti-fungal agents as India is now going to fight the white fungal infections as well.

The white fungal infection, known as Aspergillosis has been diagnosed in 7 patients so far recovering from COVID 19. But this Aspergillosis or white fungal infections are said to be more dangerous than black fungal infections. These white fungi can affect vital organs like kidneys, lungs, etc.

It was seen that 3 out of 26 patients had both black fungal and white fungal infections worsening their situations post COVID. As of now, more than 2000 cases of black fungus or Mucormycosis have been recorded with a record of 250 deaths due to these fungal infections. 

Not only this, but increasing fungal infections also have increased the demand for anti-fungal agents known as Amphotericin B and growing demand has led to its shortage.

What are the symptoms of white fungal infection?

These fungal infections lead to the formation of white sore in the esophagus as well as mouth resulting in difficulty in swallowing food and water. These infections can be acquired from the fungal spores present in the environment or unclean medical equipment or unhygienic self practices.

People who are immuno compromised, who have surgery, organ transplant, or cancer, and also those who are taking steroids are at immense risk of having this infection.

The best way to confirm the white fungal disease is to get the culture tests done with their phlegm or mucus which could show the growth of fungus. Other than that X rays can sometimes reveal the effects of fungal infection.

With proper self-care and good hygiene practices, this kind of fungal infection can be avoided to some extent.